Monday, September 01, 2008

Cancun Top 10

Brandon with his exquisite duck salad....and me with frog legs. Yummy!

10. Laughing hysterically at the "romantic" bed decor!
9. Eating exquisite duck and frog legs
8. Laying out under the tiki huts
7. Dressing up at night for candlelight dinners
6. Midnight strolls along the crashing waves
5. Unlimited Horchata (a rice drink)
4. Fresh Pico de Gallo
3. Sleeping in
2. A "Baywatch" swimsuit mile run on the beach
1. Relaxing & being together 24/7


cheri said...

Your pictures are so cute!! And you are so tan! times.

Alicia said...

Melissa! It's Alicia!
It was so good to see you at your reception. You looked gorgeous!

Aren't honeymoons the best?!

emilie s. d. p. said...

I love your list! Although I don't think I could have eaten frog legs, you're brave! The two of you are SO adorable, I'm so happy for you! You're honeymoon looks amazing, what a fun place to go. I can't wait to see pictures from the wedding too!
By the way, my blog is

emilie s. d. p. said...

Okay I just have to leave another comment about two more things:
1. I love that Brandon gave you a list of 23 things he loved about you for your birthday, seriously, that is so cute! What a sweetheart he is.
2. Where in Oregon is Brandon from? Do you think you guys will ever move there? I really hope Mitch gets into Law School in Oregon because I want to live you we ever live there and you do to then we should be neighbors :o)

Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

um,you really ate frog legs?? that does NOT sound like a melissa thing to do!

Joe, Amber and Ken Bowden said...

Looks like a blast!

The Gibbs Family said...

Wow Melissa! What an amazing honeymoon! Fabulous pictures. What's next for the Sundays?

Lauren Jayne said...

Melissa! Emilie just told me about your blog and I am excited to have a fun way to keep updated now! Congratulations on your marriage, I am so sorry that I was out of town for most of the events! Hope all is well and that you and Brandon are happily adjusting!