Wednesday, March 18, 2009

we ARE green

we love being green!

yes, we love to recycle.

yes, we love to ride our bikes and walk when we can.

and yes, we LOVE St. Patrick's Day!

we wear green.

we eat green.

for breakfast.

and dinner.

(for the record, chicken dies green nicely.)

and dessert.

our tradition "Green Mean Machines" tasted better when I was younger, but it was still fun to have friends over for this refreshing green treat.


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Fun! I'll admit, we didn't really do much for St. Pattys. I think having our anniversary the day before makes me focus way more on that and kinda forget about St. Patricks. Next year will be all about the green! We hope Brandon has a great Birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDON!

Coopers said...

WAY CUTE! I'm so glad that you went all out. I did wear my green, but unfortunately I didn't dye any of our food. The treat did look good to me. Nice work!

Heatherlady said...

Ooooh, what do you put in a Green mean machine. It looks like fun. You should share the recipe, unless of course it is a family secret! Um... you and your boy are super cute together, just thought I'd tell you!