Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a Surprise!!

Brandon was so cute and surprised me with a 9th month anniversary present in San Francisco... a night on the town, for just the two of us, with a convertible to get us around (compliments of Justin and Katie..thanks!) and a fabulous night in a 4-star hotel!

Ok, so he hadn't planned on staying in that ritzy of place, but when he checked into our hotel, they told us they had had a fire and were overbooked. So they had us go to a different hotel which was 4-star...and even better, the night was on them for their mistake. Sweet! We love free things and good deals and this one was probably the best free things we have ever got considering the room would have cost us $459 for one night.

This was a bit of heaven after a very long night before sleeping in the car, no shower, and a long day in the city. I loved spending some quality time with just him. He was cute and even brought one of his favorite dresses of mine and his suit for us to dress up for a candlelight Wendy's dinner because he knows how much I love dressing up! He even remembered to bring a tablecloth and candles!

He took me to my favorite H&M store and even picked out some accessories for me! I love that he knows me so well. And our date couldn't be complete without a trip to the local grocery store. We love going to new grocery stores.
Thanks for a good time. Can't wait for more to come!


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Oh my, Brandon, you are the BEST! I'll make sure Dean reads this post cause he could use some pointers! ;)

Michal Thompson said...

You know you caught a good one when we can pay attention to so much detail!