Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Big Red Button

Buttons like these are everywhere! I don't know how to explain it but I have the hardest time resisting touching them. They scream at me! "Push me, Push me!" They are in elevators, they are all over campuses, (this one happens to be at the notorious Stanford University) they are in any building that has a fire alarm, (which happens to be every building up to code these days) and I wish I had one in my car. If only my mother (and now my wife) hadn't told me to not touch one I probably would have been in trouble a long time ago. Anyway I thought I would share with you what I think of when I see a button like this.

The Big Red Button really is so beautiful and I can't help it. I bet there's someone else out there that can't help it either. They just are man enough(I emphasize the man and not the woman) to admit it.


SGOT said...

I feel the same 100%. Dang those buttons. I never realized they were on other campuses until this week (I saw one on the U's campus)! Good to know they're everywhere. I better watch my back.

Heatherlady said...

That is really funny because I have the same problem. I can't sit next to the emergency exit window on a bus because it is too tempting-- I haven't pulled it yet, but it makes for a long ride. I've never had to sit next to the emergency exit on an airplane but I don't think it would be a good idea!

Princess Di said...

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