Monday, June 29, 2009

girls camp in short

it was so good to be back from camp. it's hard to blog about it because there is so much to say. but in short, it was: crazy, exhausting, beautiful, hard, rewarding, and spiritual. here are a few snapshots:

me, judith, jane and leah--some of my beehives.

me and deborah scarfing down our spaghetti dinner. deborah was one of my YCLs. she rocked! we had so much fun together.

our favorite late night activity (besides campfires) was doing crazy aerobics.

i had to laugh when many of the girls and other leaders, including the stake president thought i was one of the girls. do i really look that young? i guess i will take it as a compliment.


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Hahaha! I'm looking forward to this next week! And I totally feel ya. Every meeting we've had so far for Camp AND Trek people have asked if I was a Laurel. Ha! I'm making sure I have my wedding ring on just because that's the only thing to set us apart.

Lance and Kellie said...

I had the same problem last year when I went to Girl's Camp. I would definitely take it as a compliment! Oh and by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Michal Thompson said...

enjoy it while it lasts, one day you won't look that young and you will be sad. Girls camp is always a blast, i bet they loved you.