Wednesday, July 08, 2009

a week ago today...

was my 24th birthday. my first birthday being married. it was memorable and sweet.

highlights from my birthday:

1. waking up to a candlelight breakfast

2.sarah coming down for lunch

3. getting an adorable picnic basket filled with all sorts of 4th of July things from my family

4. coming home to this:
brandon had put all this stuff outside for me to do while I soak up the sun while he made dinner. he knows how much i love being outside in the sun!

5. eating this delectable and gourmet meal cooked by none other than my fabulous husband:

7. devouring this made -from- scratch cake roll (also made by brandon)

got to love the tea light birthday candles :)

8. getting Sound of Music from Brandon's parents. i love that movie because it reminds me of being here:

9. being able to talk to family and friends

10. having a relaxing night alone just the two of us


Courtney said...

wow!!! lucky girl! Brandon is so dang creative. what a fun bday. :)

Coopers said...

You guys are really cute with every celebration.

I think I know of something that you might want to invest looks like you are turning 2 or if we stretch it 20. :)

Michal Thompson said...

You have one awesome husband! He sounds like a great cook! Sounds like a great birthday!

emilie s. d. p. said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry it's so belated, I've been trying to catch up on everyone's blogs for weeks!
You and Brandon were made for each other, all his sweet little ideas are just so perfect for you!

Princess Di said...

I;m so sorry I missed your birthday! I didn't know when it was and fell so horrible. I would have loved to talk to you and wish you a Happy Birthday! All those things you did sound so fun! What a great husband you have! See you next Monday for FHE!