Thursday, August 27, 2009

{day 1}

the first thing we did after taking a very looong nap after our flight was take a leisurely bike ride through central park. nyc had just been hit with a huge storm and took out many trees in the park.

of course, we had to stop at Bow Bridge where Brandon proposed. then we got lucky. and i mean really lucky. we really wanted to see Wicked. Even though I had already seen it 3 times, it is still amazing. However, tickets are SO expensive. So we tried for the lottery tickets. On the night of the show, you show up 2 hours early and put your name in a drawing. Then they draw out 12 lucky winners of front row seats for only $26! And I was one of them. Definetely one of our highlights.

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Jessica said...

Lucky!! I want to see Wicked sometime!! I can't wait to see you guys and hear about everything!