Friday, August 28, 2009

{day 6}

Biked through Central Park to take a row boat ride.
All that was missing was a crab singing "Kiss the Girl"

the view from the secret cove we found

after that...headed off to do some shopping at you guessed it..H&M. Brandon came home with more clothes than I did!

and we got some great deals on Canal Street! We were pretty good at bartering if I do say so myself!

NYC has amazingly cheap jewelry stores. Em met us after work because as much as Brandon is beginning to like shopping now, jewelry shopping is so much fun with sisters.

The Young Wives Club had their first meeting at a very Metropolitan soccer game. It was unique sitting on a field in the middle of the city watching soccer while cabs sped by. It was fun girl time while the boys enjoyed playing.

We thought about bringing orange slices for the team since that is what a young wife should do, but since we didn't we resorted to the next best after game treat..

(amazing rice pudding)

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