Friday, August 14, 2009

thoughts on a friday night

what am i doing blogging on a friday night? let me explain. you see, Brandon and I had free tickets to Sundance's production of The Fantasticks tonight. We were really excited, as one should be. Who wouldn't want to enjoy a musical production in this scenery?

Well, as soon as we got in our seats, it sprinkled. Then it rained. Then it downpoured all during the middle of the opening song. Poor actors! The director finally announced that the show would be cancelled. That left us with the question...what do we do now?

Which brings me to a little secret about Brandon and I. See, there is this computer game that we both LOVE! Don't get me wrong. We aren't gamers and in fact, this is about the only game we enjoy.

My love for this game all started when my little brother got this for his hmm, 10th birthday maybe. We had so much fun building amusement parks. Back to tonight. Brandon had the idea that since it was raining and we must be inside, he would set up the game on both of our computers and we would have a little competition to see who could build the best park in an hour. Our game never happened because my computer with Vista wouldn't allow it to. Man, we were bummed!

And then, since its Brandon's 2nd to last day at the MTC tomorrow, he told his missionaries he would bring them cookies. While he was trying to install the game on my computer, I decided to be a good wife and bake cookies for him. I used to think I was somewhat of a decent baker, but after looking at these, would you think so?

So now I'm baking a 2nd batch thinking about the things I have to look forward to:

an Allen family reunion tomorrow.

a visit from Andrea and her family on Sunday.

and a visit to the Big Apple with my husband on Tuesday for a whole week!

Yeah, I'm excited. And I made 100% of my bonus for the first half of the year. I guess I'll have to stop in one of the 7 H&Ms in New York...or maybe all of them. :)

Life is good--not to mention these cookies look much better.


Jetta said...

I'm jealous...I love H&M!!!

Courtney said...

oh man! What a night! I'm glad you turned it around. Making cookies sounds fun and delicious right now, so thanks for that good idea, I might have to make some tonight. :)

Michal Thompson said...

so you have a lot to look forward to. My cookies too often look like your first batch. So what did you do differently?