Friday, November 06, 2009

Confessions on a Friday

1. i smell like onions. i made a delicious omelet yesterday for brunch and all i smell is onions and I am pretty sure it is me. does this happen to anyone else?

2. i am wearing capris and sandals and i LOVE it. don't get me wrong, i am excited for snow and the holidays, but me and no sun is not a good combo.

3. pedicures are uh-mazing! i had a gift card to the aveda spa for a foot relieving pedicure. can i say wow? it was so relaxing being pampered for over an hour. thanks to omniture for treating me to this.

4.i love cheap, but classy home decor. and i will admit, i find lots of it and thrift stores. last week i went to 4 DIs. i found this for $1

and this for $1 (a very sophisticated and classy tv remote holder if i might say so)

and this for $5 (at big lots-another favorite store!)

i couldn't resist this basket. it just makes me smile. and i think that brandon is loving that my shoes are a bit more organized.

5. i can't wait much longer until this hottie gets home and we can go on a date together. car shopping is NO fun and way too stressful. i'm excited to take a break and have some fun.


Ceci and Steven said...

ok, you and I have to go thrift store shopping. I keep hearing about all the great finds people get there, but the times I've gone...NOTHING! what am I doing wrong? and yes, I don't like how our apt is so tiny, that everytime I cook (if I ever cook) the smell lingers a long time and then I feel like we smell like it too when we go somewhere. Ugh! haha.

Michal Thompson said...

oh the deals get me so excited. Connor doesn't get the same high as I do.

Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Love the stuff you found. And cheap is ALWAYS best! Hope you had a fun date!

Annette said...

you are TOO cool, Mel! I adore your posts and your crafty ideas! P.s. thanks for joining us last nite-- we had a lot of fun with you and Brandon! I adore you guys!