Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Recent Bargains

I've got an obsession. And its got to S.T.O.P now! I love searching the local thrift stores for good buys way too much. I'm making a goal to not go to one for a whole month. Its just so hard to resist good deals like this...and why do you care about them? Maybe you don't so you shouldn't read this post. But if you do, if you are like me and love seeing what good deals people find, it gives me hope that I can be that lucky person who finds a bargain. And today was jackpot!!

$1- craft pumpkin
$1.50-fruit bowl


$2.00-frame & candle holder

$1.50-halloween serving tray--perfect for our spudnut parties

$1.50-BOO tea light holders

+an easter egg dyeing kit and super nice wire wisk (sorry, no picture)

and...for the finale...WE BOUGHT A CAR!

We found a great deal through the LDS church. We are very happy to have found one and to have one less thing to look for. You'll have to wait and see it..


Adrienne said...

love thrift stores. If the kids would actually let me look at stuff I'd go more.

Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Love your finds! Wish we could go "thrifting" together, but then I guess we'd have to fight over the cute stuff we'd find! ;)

emily & kyle said...

love your treasures and love you!!!

Michal Thompson said...

I did what you have been doing today. Went to my local good will and found some stuff, but it was priced way too high. I would buy it if it was under $3, so count yourself lucky!

The Gibbs Family said...

I love your bargains! Great job! Congrats on your car!