Monday, February 15, 2010

Current Debate in Our House


Which is better? Which is better talent?

I say Olympians are more talented. I mean come on, these olympic athletes are training all day long for sometimes a single event.

NBA stars practice and have rigorous training, I'm sure. But since its not an individual sport, if they are tired, and don't 'show up' for a game, their team can still win.

Olympians get one shot at making their dreams come true.

The gene structure of Olympians often passes down from generation to generation. I can see Olympians teaching their children, and their children, etc. But how many NBA players are fathers and sons, then grandsons, etc?

It seems like Olympians would be more the type to go out and teach their children because they are not in the lime light. Whereas NBA players are so popular, so in the media all the time that they don't seem as much like family people.

I don't know. What do you think??


Tadd said...

NBA all the way. How often can an NBA team "get lucky" and win a national championship? But that's how Apollo Ohno and the J.R. kid got medals in speedskating. Three Koreans out muscled them, two fell at the last moment, and the Americans swooped in. Winning an NBA championship takes a more dedicated effort of consistent high-level performance than winning a gold medal. Both are impressive but I would have to side with Sunday on this one (at least I'm assuming he took the side of the NBA).

Coopers said...

olympians win in my boat. totally agree with you!

Wendy said...

Two words: Lindsey Vonn
She is hurt, but still shows up, but in more than her best effort. She only gets this shot once very 4 years and mind you, it is only a shot. There are so many qualifications.

Courtney said...

I can't believe that is even a debate. I think Olympians without a question. They have to prove themselves before they get to the Olympics and they are the best athletes in their sport in the world. Nobody in the Olympics are really there b/c they "got lucky" in my opinion. That's all! :)

Jenny said...

I definitely say Olympians. But my husband would definitely say NBA. Maybe it's just a guy thing???