Monday, February 01, 2010

goodbye Provo

Things we'll miss {in no particular order}
  • free cable (hence the reason for me blogging tonight. brandon wanted to watch one last Jazz game before we go TV-less)
  • the 5 minute walk from the Temple. I've been able to go weekly since i was laid off. How I have loved being there often
  • the curvy brick path to the front door
  • our wonderful ward
  • the young women
  • Burgers Supreme $1.25 hamburgers after 8:30
  • walking to BYU basketball and football games
  • our young couple friends
  • friend FHE with Brandon's best friends and old roommates
  • a bathtub
  • spontaneous game nights with Justin, Katie, Emmeline, Sarah and Hollie
things we look forward to:
  • being closer to our friends in Holladay
  • a garage
  • a big yard
  • a 10-minute commute to work (one of the biggest reasons for moving)
  • a 2nd bedroom/office/guest room
  • exploring a new place together
  • being only 20 minutes from the Park City Outlets (anyone up for a shopping trip?)
  • a better? market for job searching


Annette said...

I am going to miss you two too!! But I will see you soon-because you are really not THAT far :) I am excited for your new step in life, Mel!

♥cheri said...

Where are you moving to??