Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our Impressions of Holladay so far

We LOVE it! Sure we miss Provo and all of our friends there, but so far we are loving it.
  • Brandon gets home so much earlier which gives us plenty of time to actually do something at night
  • the Mountains are gorgeous! we have such a beautiful view of Olympus Peak right from our back yard
  • we have a nice park with tennis courts, baseball fields, and paths right across the street from us.
  • there are a ton of bikers! we went on a run this morning and i can't even tell you how many bikers we saw. it seems to be a very active place which we like because then it helps us to be more that way.
  • our ward is very friendly. last week was our first week and so many families came up and introduced themselves. its nice to feel so welcome here.


AmbertheGreat said...

I am glad that you like your new place. I love all your thrift shop stories and fixer uppers, you are inspiring me to get out there :)

Michal Thompson said...

where exactly are you?

Adrienne said...

i'm glad it's going well and hope it continues to grow on you