Wednesday, March 24, 2010

he made me do it

So I like to think that I am a classy person. But who says one cannot be classy and a great bargain shopper? At least I hope you can be both. Let me explain.

Last week was Brandon's birthday. I asked him what he wanted or how he wanted to celebrate and he told me that we should just save our money for something bigger. But in my festive-you-can't-NOT-celebrate-a-birthday mood, I was determined to find a way to celebrate it. Afterall, a birthday only comes once a year. In my mind, its a shame to not celebrate a birthday and make it a very special day. I can recall 2 birthdays in my life when it went quite the opposite. On one of them, I had to sing happy birthday to myself over a twix with a paper candle in it. I vowed I would always make birthdays special from that day forward.

Brandon's birthday this year was no exception--even with a small budget.

So here is what I did. (Brandon told me I had to blog about this to show everyone that celebrations can be done on a budget when you get a little creative).

First, I signed up for the Red Robin e-club--using Brandon's spam account so he wouldn't know about it. They sent him a coupon for a free gourmet burger and fries. Since I was new to their club, they also sent me a $3 off your next purchase coupon.

Brandon's meal- $Free
My meal- $4.30 with tax

This is Brandon saying "BOO-YA! We just spend $4.30 for dinner!"

See these delectable ice cream treats?

Free! Yep, Iceberg gives free shakes on your birthday (you have to show ID) and I registered with Coldstone to get a free ice cream as well.

Then, it was off to Blindside.

Great movie and it was at the Dollar Theater in Salt Lake.

So grand total for dinner, dessert, and a movie --

Whoever says a birthday can't be celebrated on a budget is sorely mistaken. Not only was it cheap, but very memorable!


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

You told me about that and I'm still SOOO impressed! Maybe you should plan Dean's bday for's in June! ;)

Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...


Mandy Cox said...

That is awesome! I love all of your ideas Melissa!

jen said...

Jon always says that, too ("let's just save the money") and I'm always like you. Maybe it's an Allen thing? ;)

Brandon's birthday for under $10! That's amazing!! Good job!

Michal Thompson said...

That is so awesome! Connor said "she must be a king."

Becky said...

You and Brandon are so adorable! I vote that we have a game night and dessert together sometime. Let me know!

Jessica said...