Thursday, March 18, 2010

our GREEN celebration

First, it was breakfast. Green oatmeal + green banana muffins

Then, it was getting decked out in leprechaun attire.

Then, it was saying to our husbands, "Kiss me, I'm Irish." Because we really are.

And then, it was time for a grand celebration. St Patty's Day + early birthday celebrations for Dad and Brandon

Our very green dinner.

And if you think it looks good, you should have tasted it! Especially the green mean machine.

The cake was even green. Oh, and the candle. Brandon showing us his amazing candle-blowing skills.

What a fun day! And today is Brandon's birthday. We love having all these fun things going on!


Karen said...

You guys seriously are "So Festive!". I've never had a dyed meal before...I don't know if I could stomach green chicken :/ haha but it looks like so much fun. I love how exciting you make each & every holiday! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDON!!

your favorite cousin (cousin-in-law)

♥cheri said...

oh woops...I didn't know my mom was signed in. the above comment was supposed to be from me!!