Saturday, April 17, 2010

operation: project color

i have been craving COLOR lately.

maybe because it's spring or maybe it's because all of our walls are tan and so is our couch. don't get me wrong. i love our walls and carpet. it's just that our little home needed a little sprucing up.

it all started with the orange table. i thought it would be fun to have a colored table. it turned out brighter than I thought, but i liked it. I just didn't like it with the rest of our warmer color decor.

we have had a big empty wall above our couch for a while. So I decided to add some color and do something that would bring in the orange.

this is how it turned it out.

it was a rather simple project after I learned its worth spending a few extra dollars to get it how you want. i am always looking for the cheaper option, but in this case, it was worth just buying the already-made canvases.

I love that our house is just a bit more springy now.


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Cute! Since moving my crafting's been on hold. I miss it! I love the splash of color.

The Gibbs Family said...

You have a knack for adding a bit of cheer to a room! Nice job. Congrats on the job. And we're a little jealous that you guys saw Buble in concert! Fun updates and I like the new look ;)