Saturday, May 22, 2010

NYC Day 1 & 2

My sweet husband let me come and have a girls week with Em in NYC. We are having a blast! I've been here just a few days and we've already done lots of talking, shopping, laughing and eating delectable things. Gotta love girl time.

Day 1:

-Long nap after a 5:45 am arrival.
-Picnic in Central Park with Em
-Bike ride to drop off clothes for the Block Party/Tag Sale (pics below)
-Dinner at Shake Shack in Madison Square Garden-the most fun place to eat a hamburger. We had the most amazing shake called the Concrete Jungle-chocolate, bananas, and peanut butter. Its tradition to make a wish as we throw a penny in the fountain. I'm excited for mine to come true.

-Walk through Times Square

Day 2:

{Have a "Little Manhattan" moment as we rode our scooters to the market and saw this cute little bakery. I wanted to eat everything in there}

{I saw this lovely little city garden. I guess I have no excuse for not having a garden. If these people can do it, so can I}

{Next stop was the Stake's Block party aka Tag Sale. I love garage sales so how appropriate that this happened to be the same weekend I was here. I love doing "off-the-beaten-path" things when I travel. This was definitely one of those. I found a dress, coat, books, and shirt for $5}

{The Grand H&M tour officially began. Did you know there is like 7 here? We made it to 3 today. I'll visit more next week...}

{It's probably good you weren't here for this one Brandon...we went into the most girly store EVER! Pink walls and jewerly galore!}

{We saw the first ever mobile cupcake shop. Cupcakes are so BIG here!}

Speaking of cupcakes...
After a full day, we came back to enjoy pesto chicken wraps (thanks Amanda) and amazing chocolate cupcakes Em had made.

More to come...

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Dean, Andrea, Tanner, and Landon said...

Man I wish I was there with you two!! And I want to see pictures of these awesome $5 finds! And man that jewelry store looks amazing! 7 H&M's!?! Wow! You guys must be having a BLAST!