Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm thankful for BRANDON.

*He is the ultimate shopping buddy. In fact he loves going shopping with me. How many guys are like that? He usually picks out the clothes I end up liking the most, including purple shoes. He is never in a hurry and will give me his honest opinion.

*He is now a late night person. He will stay up with me even when he is tired just because I have my second (or fourth) wind. And he will indulge in chocolaty goodness with me.
*He is always surprising me. One day I came home from work with the bed made, laundry done and folded, and a new BYU shirt for the season.

*It's late and there is more to say, but to wrap up for tonight, he is good at making me and others laugh like at 1:10 am as I am blogging while he finishes a project. I love when he will pick me up, twirl me around and I laugh hysterically without even having to tickle me.

*He is such a handy man...not to mention his good tastes in decorating. He loves finding any excuse to use his drill and tools, whether its putting this shelf together, building his own tie rack, or fixing things.

*He will get into holidays as much as I will. He is already looking forward to doing some Chrismtas shopping VERY early in the morning with me on Friday.

*He will always serve others even when he has other things to do. He loves the gospel and I learn so much from him! I am so grateful for him!


Erika said...

Hey! Thanks for leaving a comment, nice to run into you in the blogging world! That is so cool you nannyed in Germany! Sin't it just gorgeous over there? I hope I can go again sometime. So St. Nicolas Day is so fun! We put our shoes out on the night of the 5th and the morning of the 6th St. Nicolas has left something special in them. For Advent on the first Sunday we usually go to my grandma's house and enjoy music and treats. She has an Advent wreath with the candles that you light for each Sunday. Other than that we don't do too much.

Becky said...

Cute Mel! I hope I can find someone as great as Brandon. He really is top notch. You´re apartment looks way cute. I´m excited to see it!

Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

You sure have a great guy! I wish Dean would even pretend to like shopping with me. You're lucky! We miss you guys! You both look great! Oh and I love all your posts - you know I'm a blog addict! ;)

emilie s. d. p. said...

You two are adorable!

Michal Thompson said...

Sounds like a great guy- I don't know a guy who is as good and patient shopper as he, and he is handy!!! Wow!!

Joe, Amber and Ken Bowden said...

Sounds like a great guy! I'm jealous he can build you things :D