Sunday, November 23, 2008

a mac n'cheese three month...

When Brandon and I were on our honeymoon, we met a couple who celebrated their wedding day every month, even if it was something small and simple. We decided to make that one of our traditions and have tried to do a little special something every 23rd day of each month. It was a treat just to sleep in since we have 1:00 church and have yummy french toast with "Preview to Paradise" syrup. Mmm. Delightful!

At church, one of the Sunday school teachers asked us to sub the 17-year old class just a few minutes before it started. Brandon is so good at teaching on the spot. It was an anniversary present just to see him teach. I grew to love him even more as I saw him connect so well with the youth and I know he will be that way with our teenagers someday.

I was in charge of making dessert for our Young Woman's in Excellence night. As I was gone to borrow a trifle dish from Em, Brandon did wonders to our messy apartment and surprised me with this...

Candlelight homemade mac n' cheese to recreate one of our favorite nights together last fall. So thoughtful! All that was missing was a Christmas tree with twinkle nights. But I still loved it.

After a crazy and hectic week, it was so wonderful spending a relaxing evening with my babe...and butler. Get this... As I walked into the house, he was doubling as a butler complete with a towel over his arm. He is so good at making me smile.

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Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

I love the idea of celebrating every month. Dean and I used to be better at that, but you know how life is, so keep it up!