Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Childhood memories reborn!

Two of my childhood memories were reborn this last week. One was dreaded when I was a child and the other was fun. They both now bring me great satisfaction now that I am turning into my wonderful parents.

The first:
This is Melissa's and my garden. We are so proud to have a garden this summer and it has been so fun getting it ready and planting it. I can't wait til the end of summer to see how it turns out.

The second:
Kite Flying!!!
Grandpa and Halle flying under Aunt Rachel's supervision.
The Sky is the Limit!
Look who got the kite the highest!


Adrienne said...

awww fun

Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

What all did you plant in your garden?? And man I want to fly a kite, but I can't think of anywhere where there isn't a million trees for the kite to get stuck in. I guess I need to start searching for a good kite flying spot. You guys are way too fun! Miss ya!

Jessica said...

Glad we could get together on Saturday! Halle loved it! Hope your garden goes better than mine is....