Friday, May 15, 2009

then comes a baby in a baby carriage

'tis the season for babies. don't worry. this is not an announcement :)

we have had tons of fun meeting lots of new little ones...or getting ready for them.

I loved throwing a baby shower for my friend Diana last weekend. thanks andrea for some great decorating ideas. :)

Me and my two great friends from YW, Diana and Bethi

we loved meeting Talmage Aaron Calder and are sad his family doesn't live closer :)

we are excited to meet Baby Cragun who was born TODAY!

and we especially can't wait to meet Emmeline Marilyn, our newest neice who was born last week in California. I am so excited to be an aunt and to visit over Memorial Day.


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

You better be careful or people are going to think you're expecting!! I'll admit I wondered for a second. Looks like the shower turned out WAY cute! Way to go Mel.

Carianne King said...

Mel! You know Diane?! She was in my ward at the BC! Awesome girl!!! :) Well, I am excited for you to see your new niece! YAY!