Tuesday, December 01, 2009

a new blog...check it out

Hey. So I came up with an idea today while Brandon was working late.

The idea is this: since I love hearing new ways to celebrate holidays--including traditions, activities, etc, I was decided to start a blog dedicated to just that. You can check it out here at festiveholidays.blogspot.com.

So if any of you out there have fun holiday traditions that you think others might like, send me an email or leave a comment. It will be our way of spreading holiday cheer and festiveness. Because who doesn't love being festive? We will start with Christmas for now, but I could see this being a fun place to collect other holiday ideas as well.

I have shared a few ideas already and will add more in the next days to come. Become a festive follower, share your ideas and spread the word! The only rule is that your ideas have to be simple. We are all too busy during the holidays to do way elaborate things. I can't wait to hear your traditions and ideas. Happy Holidays!


Michal Thompson said...

awesome idea

emily & kyle said...

you need to post the blog site...can't find it..xoxo

Mike and Shaina said...

I kept meaning to comment this for weeks now...
My husband grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania where there is a lot of dutch heritage. There are 2 things in particular we like to do that have been passed on from these Pennsylvania Dutch:
- Putting candles in the windows of the house. I believe this was a symbol to all those who had left home that they may find their way back. Anyway it looks really pretty.
- Eating pork and sauerkrat on New Years Day. As the tradition goes, a pig can't walk backwards, so eating pork is a wish that the new year will be filled with progress and success. Sauerkrat just tastes good with pork (in some people's opinion. I haven't acquired the taste yet). Whatever you do, DO NOT eat chicken on New Years. Chicken's spend their time scratching in the dirt and you don't want a year that you have to scratch for a living.
- Some also have a special ornament that they hide on the tree and the first child to find the ornament gets a treat. In husband's family it is a pickle ornament. I don't know if that is a dutch tradition or just his family.
Anyway, hope your Christmas was wonderful! Wishing you a Happy New Year!!