Sunday, December 06, 2009

Our Car

Well as most of you already know from our blog. We got into a car accident. We didn't happen to have a camera during the trip or we weren't really in the right frame of mind to take pictures of our totaled car but I ended up getting a few pics from my phone when I signed the car over to the wreckage yard. So here is our sweet old car which we are going to miss dearly.

Here's good-bye to the 626!

They estimated it would be $5-7k to fix it and it only was worth about $1,500 and so we decided to total it. It sure was a good little car.

Here's hello to our new corolla!

We researched and looked for cars for about 3 weeks (thanks Bro. King and Michael for letting us borrow the civic) and found this little corolla. We have really enjoyed it and hope it stays in the family for years to come. We better hurry though if we want our teenage daughter to be able to drive it. (Again, many of you keep thinking we are announcing things due to little comments we make. Sorry again this isn't an announcement)


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Love the new car! Sorry about the old one! Glad it was the only thing that was hurt!!

Christensen family said...

I am so glad to hear you went with a toyota. Your going to love it. We love both of ours.

♥cheri said...

Glad you got a new car, love your Christmas tradition blog, and YES I want to see you and your cute hubby over the holidays!! :)