Sunday, January 24, 2010

Post 2: CIA reunion

My cousin and her husband Jen were in town last week from North Carolina. Emily, her and her sister Becky and I started a club when we were younger called the CIA which stood for Cousins in America. Since we lived across the country from each other, we made a club complete with matching stationary for us to keep in touch. It was fun to see her again and spend time with some of the other Allens. She summed it up best when she said had some realizations about the Allen side of the family:

We are loud.
We are talkers.
We are oversharers.
But we love it.


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Weren't clubs the best as a kid!?! Glad you got the CIA back together. ;)

jen said...

Cousins in America! That was the best!! Kristen said used to get so mad because she was left out. :) It was fantastic seeing you and finally meeting Brandon (he's the best!). Hopefully we'll be visiting a lot more and will get to see you again soon! Good luck on your move!