Friday, April 09, 2010

our favorite thing lately

Are we nerds or what? Had I realized this game was so fun, I wouldn't have resisted playing it for so long. Brandon taught me about a week ago and let's just say we've playing at least one game every night.

Tonight we played a few more than one...hence the reason for being up so late. Our minds are so invigorated we can't fall asleep so we are working in the office.

I have yet to beat Brandon, but my before the end of my life, I WILL say to him
"Check mate"


Jenni said...

Jared taught me like 6 months ago and I became a huge fan...unfortunately I am also way to competitive, so we had to take a break. Maybe we will play tonight ;)

Michal Thompson said...

I hate that game! Well, I can't say that I can play. Never wanted to cause Nate would always win.

Becky said...

Hey Mel! I dropped the ball on the game night, although it looks like you and Brandon are having plenty :) Do you have a day next weekend where we could it, either Fri/Sat/Sun? I think it'd be great to get together!