Monday, April 05, 2010


update: we bought mouse traps last night and have already caught 2. i hope there aren't any more lurking around house.

i usually don't get angry very often. but today i am. i can feel the anger eating at my soul. and right after General Conference. what a shame.

i am so angry because of this...

a mouse.

it all started last monday. i heard some rustling in the kitchen but didn't think much of it. as soon as i came out of my room, i saw a little mouse scurry behind the cupboard in the back of the dishwasher. i was paranoid for a day, but didn't think much of it. there was no sign that our visitor was back..until today that was.

the Easter bunny came on Saturday. In the EB's efforts to be healthy, he/she only put part of the delicious candy in our baskets. he/she thought by that it might be nice to have a stash for a later event (especially since you can't buy this stuff whenever you want)

well, i was just putting our easter basket candy away. i decided to put the remaining stash of candy in the cupboard for the tbd special event. when i pulled out the bag of candy, i saw some holes in the bag. i thought they were from me. then i realized that these holes looked like a little critter had gotten into them. and i was right. see all the remains of on chewed-on packages.

this is a bad picture, but you can see the nibble marks on this package of Reese's eggs. urghh!

i am furious.
not only does that mean our visitor is back, but he contaminated all that precious easter candy which now has to be thrown away.
and its not like i can just rush out to the store and get some more of those Reese's eggs, Hershey eggs, and starburst jellybeans. they are probably all sold out.

i am so angry!!


Heatherlady said...

Oh I totally understand. Mice can be so infuriating. We had a BAD mouse problem last year (we live right up against a mountain) but this year we haven't had any till about a week ago when one got in. Ugg. they are so horrible. You can get these bait/poison boxes that you put outside around the outside of your foundation-- they have really helped us alot... and sticky traps are good too. Good luck on the mouse hunt!

Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

So sad! But believe me I understand the mouse thing! Set some traps STAT! Peanut Butter's good bate. Good luck!

Jenny said...

Gross!!! I'm so sorry! I hate, hate, HATE mice. I can totally understand the anger too. Good luck getting rid of it.

Mandy Cox said...

I would be so mad too! I hate mice! Hate them! I hope you are able to catch the little mouse soon! It was fun to see you on Friday. We need to get together more often.