Monday, May 24, 2010

Things I love about NYC so far

~Central Park. I could never get enough of this place. I have spent lots of time there and still, every time I go I find new places to explore. Emily and I had a delightful Sunday walk in the park at the Conservatory Gardens. I snapped a few pictures of some cool spots.

~AMAZING food. Its a good thing the lifestyle here forces you to walk a LOT. There is so much good food everywhere. Not to mention that Emily is quite a gourmet cook herself. Check out the dinner she made for us on Sunday:

and the blueberry french toast for brunch:

and eating scrumptious HUGE cookies from the famous Levian Bakery:

~Bike rides. Its so awesome that Em and Kyle have bikes. There is nothing like riding along the river as the sun is setting and feeling the cool wind against your face. We rode along the Hudson tonight and ate a picnic dinner on a pier overlooking the city. It was magical and romantic. Oh wait, maybe not the romantic part since Brandon wasn't here. But you get the idea.


Kellee said...

Wow it is gorgeous and those pictures are incredible with the tree lined sidewalk and park benches. Love it!

Courtney said...

those pics remind me of Germany, do they remind you of it too?

Have so much fun, tell em HI, love you guys!

katherine said...

melissa, i think you and emily should do a guide to new york city post or blog or something! i want to go to new york so badly, but wouldn't know what to see when or where all the hot spots are! i'm sure there are other sites that do this, but i'd like your take on it.

Coopers said...

looks like so much fun. sisters are the best.
i think central park was my favorite part of ny. jealous they live so close!