Thursday, June 10, 2010

Catch Up Post

First, I have to say Happy Birthday to Em. Isn't she gorgeous? She was always the older, more perfect sister. She always had boys after her, got perfect grades, amazing runner, scholarships galore and even though I got jealous sometimes (or lots of times), I would not have chosen any one else to be my older sister. She always watched out for me and because we were the oldest girls, we got to experience a lot together...XC, DECA, college roommates, same crushes on boys, 2 marathons, same major at college which meant lots of classes our senior year (remember our impromptu answers in Bryson's class?), graduating together, visiting New York City for the first time ever (and not realizing how much that place would play significant pieces in our lives), and marrying awesome tree-climber husbands who bring out our best and spontaneous selves. You are the best!

Second (not that my husband is 2nd by any means) but I just have to say how happy Brandon makes me. When I got home from NYC, he had planned this grand scheme at the airport to be wearing a black tie, black suit, sunglasses with a sign to pick me up and flowers. He knows me all too well. Because my flight got in an hour early, he didn't quite have time to get it all together. He told me about it and I made him take a picture anyway.

For Memorial Day, he made me breakfast in bed, planned our first hike of the summer, and got all the stuff for Tin Foil dinners and a campout in our backyard.

I got to go to a girl's weekend with Brandon's mom and sisters. It was fun to hang out and stay up late and chat. We had Halle take this picture in the morning which explains a lot.

My little brother Marley graduated. We weren't able to attend the ceremony, but we threw a pretty cool party for him after. Sorry no pics.

Brandon and I felt like kids again as we got to go to my company's Lagoon day. It was awesome! My company rented out the entire park. Yeah, that means we could walk on any ride all day long. We loved the roller coasters and just hanging out. We have so much fun together.

Brandon also built a garden while I was gone, but I'll let him tell you about it and tell you some other exciting news....


Adrienne said...

you're too cute together

♥cheri said...

woah, woah woah...."other exciting new"? Ahem. Suspicion is mounting, Sundays.

Annette said...

WHAT other exciting news?!!! I. am. DYING. P.s. I love this post! you two are so cute! and I love Em too! Yah for the cute KING gals!