Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Weekend Begins-Picnics and Poop

Because we had the Friday off for Pioneer Day, we just had to do something fun. We decided to stop at Lava Hot Springs on our way up to Idaho. Justin, Katie, Emme, Sarah, Hollie and Michael all thought that was a pretty good idea too.

Picnic #1-our pre-swim lunch on the back of the car

swimming away

Justin and Brandon had to show off how mocho they are by jumping off the highest platform

the proof

and now, for the grossest part of the entire trip. I was sitting on a towel, basking in the sun. Justin and Brandon were goofing around like they always do when all of a sudden, I felt a sort of water balloon 'pop' on my leg. I was a bit confused because to my knowledge, I didn't think they had any water balloons. I looked down only to discover that a water balloon had not 'popped' on my leg but a seagull had just flown overhead. Enough said. (Warning...Graphic picture below)

I just about lost my lunch over that and had to clean it about 5 times. It was Dis-gus-ting.

After swimming, we cleaned up nicely to head to my cousin's wedding reception. We were starving as swimming makes you feel, so we had picnic #2-on a little grassy spot by the Blackfoot Wal-Mart. Gotta love it.

All of us at my cousin Jason and Heather's wedding reception.


Adrienne said...

had the bird thing happen while i was in a hammock once. not cool

Steve and Patti King said...

It was fun to catch up on your blog Melissa! I wish I could have come to Idaho...I love being with the Kings! Do you remember when Kamrah's wedding dress was attacked by the bird at our house? But skin is different...

Michal Thompson said...

I am super jealous of your family time.